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Twas The Fight Before Christmas

Twas the Fight Before Christmas

[box_holder background_color=''] Christmas - in some homes and churches - is a minefield. At times you feel like you’re walking on eggshells. Any…

Jesus Says #illridewithyou

Jesus Says #illridewithyou

[box_holder background_color=''] When my wife told me about the Sydney cafe siege I found myself glued to the news for the remainder of…

Our Language Matters

Our Language Matters

[box_holder background_color=''] One of the many reasons I love our Adventist Education is the emphasis it reveals about us being a global church.…

Commands Or Promises?

Commands or Promises?

[box_holder background_color=''] "All His biddings are enablings." The words of Jesus are unique, they are unlike the words of any other man. I…

For The Love Of God

For the Love of God

[box_holder background_color=''] I've settled on the belief that my finite mind cannot yet fully grasp the entirety of God's infinite love. I've also…

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