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Why The Next General Conference President Should Be In Their 30s

Why the Next General Conference President Should Be in Their 30s

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A few weeks ago was Global Youth Day in many churches.  At the AY program at my Spanish church, one of our Pathfinders gave a great presentation on an important figure in Adventism: John Nevin Andrews.  Andrews was the first Seventh-day Adventist overseas missionary and a great writer, leader, and scholar.

One incredible detail that I learned from his talk was that Andrews was the third president of the General Conference at 38 years old – and by that time, he had already been an ordained minister for 14 years.  That got me thinking:

“How old were the first few GC presidents in our church?”

My wife and I did a quick search and found the following:

These were the ages of the first five General Conference presidents when they first took office:

John Byington: 65
James White: 44
J.N. Andrews: 38
G.I. Butler: 37

(Note: Yes, those are four names, but they are the first five presidents.  Google it.)

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