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Why You Should Be Angry

Why You Should Be Angry

[box_holder background_color=''] [blockquote width='25' mark='grey'] Anger isn’t the “negative” emotion we often make it out to be. [/blockquote]After I indifferently described an upsetting…

5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Positively Need A Digital Detox (and A Real Vacation)

5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Positively Need a Digital Detox (and a Real Vacation)

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My wife and I just came back from our first real vacation ever. This year, instead of using vacation time to travel and visit family, for our five year anniversary we decided to fulfill a long-desired wish and visit the greater London area for two weeks of a well-deserved break.

Before we left, we agreed to a digital detox (meaning a full disconnect form all forms of digital communication: text, phone, emails and of course, social media) for those two weeks. Full disclosure, I was more consistent with this in our second week, but I’m convinced that this one decision had a profound impact on me and will be a part of all future vacations. You should seriously consider doing this too, and here are five reasons why:

Priest Vs Pastor

Priest vs Pastor

[box_holder background_color=''] In the long discussion concerning women’s ordination, I heard something which pricked my attention: a comparison between this debate and Korah’s…

Adventism And Activism

Adventism and Activism

[box_holder background_color=''] Nothing annoys me more in the context of activism than Christian activists who send a message of hate to the culture…

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