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Andrews University: Dan J. Respond To Refugee Ban

Andrews University: Dan J. Respond to Refugee Ban

So Dan Jackson, NAD president, has written a response to Trumps refugee ban in which he wrote,
To close the door to refugees cannot be an option.
To “welcome” them by marking them with shame and suspicion is unacceptable.
To incite fear based on prejudice is irresponsible.
As followers of Jesus Christ, we are compelled to welcome ALL who are seeking refuge.
A few days later Andrews University president Andrea Luxton issued a statement as well stating that,
…our international students and their families are very important to us. The diverse mix you bring to our campus is essential to the richness and strength of our Andrews University community, and we look forward to continuing to welcome students from around the world…
 So now its your turn! How do you feel about the ban? Post your responses below!


The Haystack is awesome. Nuff said.

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