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Big-Picture Theology

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Sometimes we ask smaller questions, like “What does Jesus mean by ‘today’ in Luke 22:43?”

But often we’re asking bigger questions. What happens when we die? What does it mean that the Scriptures are inspired? How can we know if we’re really saved?

These bigger questions are in the domain of systematic theology, a term used to refer to the kind of theological thinking that is most concerned with connections across other theological disciplines, that is most broad, big-picture theology. Often times systematic theology is set in contrast to historical theology (studying the development of theology through the ages) and biblical theology (studying the theology of some particular biblical book or author or collection). In my opinion, these distinctions are more artificial than helpful, but it does highlight one feature of systematic theology that I find helpful: It is asking whole-world questions of the whole Bible. ––Not just “What did the nineteenth century Millerites believe about the inspiration of Scripture?” and not just “What is Paul’s theology of Scripture?” but “What is the whole Bible’s teaching on what Scripture is? What is Scripture? What is inspiration?”

This is a blog on systematic theology, exploring it from an Adventist perspective, and thinking especially about the uniqueness of Adventist theology. We are, all of us, all the time doing systematic theology, so I invite you to think along with me as we journey through big questions!



Hello. My name is Kermit. I don't actually write for the Haystack. In fact, I have never eaten a haystack. I eat flies. I think those are unclean. And I date a pig too. Miss Piggy. She's nice.

On any note, just remember that this is a guest account and that all the views expressed within are those of the guest authors and do not necessarily represent Bye-bye!

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  1. on inspiration, i know the bible says all scripture is breathed out by God, but i’ve often wondered how the reader is to know, in general, which portions of scripture are God’s words to us in any given situation and which were His words to others for their specific situations. maybe that will be addressed in some way. looking forward to growing with you! 🙂

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