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My Father’s House

My Father’s House

[box_holder background_color=''] “In my Father’s house are many rooms.” Jesus statement in John 14 is one of the most treasured verses in all…

Priest Vs Pastor

Priest vs Pastor

[box_holder background_color=''] In the long discussion concerning women’s ordination, I heard something which pricked my attention: a comparison between this debate and Korah’s…

Is The KJV The Only Good Bible?

Is the KJV the Only Good Bible?

[box_holder background_color=''] “Among conservative Christians, a grassroots backlash against contemporary English-language Bibles has triggered a renewed interest in the famed King James Version…

More Than Bereans

More than Bereans

[box_holder background_color=''] Sometime ago, I had the pleasure of listening to the audio recording of a court session. The session consisted of several…

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