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Christ’s Metric Alone

Christ’s Metric Alone

[box_holder background_color=''] Ever heard the expression “Numbers don’t lie”? I put that line in the same file as “…but names will never hurt…

Music Wars: The Fringe Strikes Back

Music Wars: The Fringe Strikes Back

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This week, church leaders met for Annual Council at the Seventh-day Adventist World Headquarters in Silver Springs, MD. These are yearly meetings of all the high level officers of our world church and serves as the highest decision-making body between the General Conference Sessions every five years.

Because I’m weird like that, I enjoy keeping up to date with what’s going on by being an unofficial delegate through social media. I followed many of the proceedings live, or read the reports later on. There were many great field stories shared about the progress the church is making in many areas of the world. These are encouraging signs that there is much good being done.

Adventism And Activism

Adventism and Activism

[box_holder background_color=''] Nothing annoys me more in the context of activism than Christian activists who send a message of hate to the culture…

Fluent In Friendliness

Fluent in Friendliness

[box_holder background_color=''] My wife, daughter and sister in law were driving cross country, from Virginia to Oregon. On Sabbath, they had to stop…

Selma And San Antonio

Selma and San Antonio

[box_holder background_color=''] I wonder what the dust would feel like.  If one would have stood just outside the blast radius, arriving at the…

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