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Dear Church

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Let’s talk about BLESSED. No, not #blessed—hot boyfriends and beauty vacations and big screen TVs. Let’s talk about the supernatural riches that God decided to give you just because you’re His.

God’s servants, Paul & Sosthenes, write:

I always give thanks to God for you
because of His grace that He gave you in Messiah Jesus.
Because in Him you have been enriched
in every way—
in all your speech and in all your knowledge—
because our testimony about the Messiah
was shown to be true in you.
you do not lack any spiritual gift
while you wait eagerly
for our Lord Jesus, Messiah, to be revealed.

He will keep you
strong to the end,
so that you will be blameless
on the day of our Lord Jesus, Messiah.
Faithful is God, who has called you
into fellowship with His Son,
Jesus, Messiah, our Lord.*

If I were God and saw my church acting like a bunch of wild hypocrites, legalists, libertines, and quarreling hot heads, I’d probably greet them with something like, “Knock it off, you ungrateful dummies!”

But when God wanted to send a message to His church in Corinth in the first century—a church where members were sleeping with prostitutes and shrugging off participation in idol worship, where people got drunk at communion, where people were all about status and celebrity pastors, where worship services were a bit like madhouses—the first thing He said was, “I’m blessing you.”

God’s love letter to His church:

Dear Church,

In Jesus I gave you grace.
In Jesus I have enriched you in every way.
I have enriched your collective speaking.
I have enriched your collective knowing.
I showed that the good news about Jesus is true by making it true in all of you.
I made sure that together you had every spiritual gift.
I am committed to keeping you strong until the end.
I invited you into intimate friendship with Me through My Son.
I am faithful.

Love, the Father.


*1 Corinthians 1:4-9

Nelson Fernandez

Nelson is married to the love of his life, Sarah, and together have a son named Isaac. He serves as Associate Pastor at Miami Temple SDA, a multilingual, multiethnic, and multicultural church in South Florida. He loves ministry, Marvel movies, video games, Naruto, and serving the local church. He also runs his own blog about leadership, evangelism, and practical Christianity at You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @nelsonblogs.

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  1. I agree totally with your thought, and while yes God blesses even though we are sinners, we cannot forget that we must progress in our Christian walk. The yolk is only easy because of Christ Jesus, but we are forgetting that He still tells us to carry our own cross, that we are commanded to be holy as He is holy. In context, the church of Corinthian was struggling through some things but Paul was asking for reform and encouraging them to do right. To run the race with all there might and by the grace of Christ where they lack, not because of laziness, but because they don’t know better, He will bless them. In the letters to Corinth we find the famous verse that God will not give us more than we can bare. So Paul challenges Corinth, with love calling them beloved and explaining with love not to make the mistake of caressing sin, challenging the leaders to be intentional of being true Christians so non-believers be not confused.
    I believe criticism, that is not biblical, should not be allowed in the life of a Christian let alone in the church. When we point a finger we must remember how many are pointing back at us. If we all focus on Christ, then will criticism, when done, will reveal its true colors. Truth or gossip. Thank God for His awesome blessing of grace, but let us not ignore as to what Christians should be, and that is followers, imitators, disciples of Christ. I speak for myself in hope that others realize that the struggle is real. God bless!

    1. Yes, Omar — the struggle is real! And you’re right: the letters to the church in Corinth also include A LOT of corrections. But the *first* thing God says to His church is “I love you. I’m blessing you.” Pretty amazing!

      Thanks for your response 🙂

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