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“One Week”: Racial Tension At Andrews University

“One Week”: Racial Tension at Andrews University

For those who don’t know what took place at Andrews during this past month, here is a snippet from AToday that explains it well:

African American students at Andrews University, the leading Adventist institution of higher education, released a video yesterday expressing concern about racial discrimination on the Michigan campus. The three-and-a-half minute video includes several young adults making a joint statement with the title frame: “A PSA expressing the concerns of black students at Andrews University.”
The video challenges the university leadership, “You have one week to release a formal statement of apology for the wrongful discrimination against black students of this institution, [and] to commit to making … measurable changes …
Click here for the rest of the article.
A few days after the video was released Andrea Luxton, President of Andrews University, released a statement in response to the video. The statement helps provide context to the video although we have been unable to find a reliable source for the immediate context that prompted its release. You can read the statement here.
Because of the sensitive nature of this issue, we ask everyone to exercise grace in their comments, but we do want to know what your thoughts are! Comment below 😀


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