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Pondering The Youth Exodus

Pondering the Youth Exodus

So I’ve been pondering the multitudinous studies and articles on why our youth are leaving the church… until it hit me today.

Most of them already left it long ago 6 out of 7 days a week because of the lack of authentic Christian spirituality in “Christian” homes…
…homes devoid of family worship and consistent Christianity… …homes where the world and television are more of a priority than eternal-vision.
So as soon as they grow old enough to walk away from the facade and live a consistent life, they do the logical thing and go with what they’re most familiar with: they leave.
And then it’s the church’s fault for not being relevant enough…
And it’s true. It is just that… But “relevance” needs definition.
A relevant church would challenge every home to get to the place where Christ is the center…
…where Christianity on Sabbath is just a continuation of the rest of everyday life… …where we actually become and are what we look like at church.
Small groups, authenticity, growth, service, etc.
Now if only we could get there overnight.


The Haystack is awesome. Nuff said.

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