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#stopit: Don’t Be That Guy/gal On Social Media

#stopit: Don’t be that guy/gal on social media

This blog post is not for you. This is for your friends, you know, the ones who break all rules regarding proper etiquette on social media. You probably should share this widely, so that one guy you want to read it won’t get all offended and unfriend you. Or just @ him/her. They need to be put in their place.

These items should be common sense. They aren’t. Here are my top grievances, pet peeves and annoyances that make me borderline insane.
My top five:
1. Arguing about stuff other people put on THEIR wall/timeline.  It’s THEIRS. I know its _____________ (insert dumb, stupid, insensitive, not funny, racist, semi-racist, low key racist, or just plain nonsensical.) When tempted, just repeat after me: Not. My. Wall.
2. Adding people to groups. There is a special place in purgatory for these people. Why do you do this? This is like signing me up for a 26.2k because I posted that I ran 3 miles this morning. One I never asked you to. Two, I don’t run marathons. Three, NOPE!
3. Send pictures of flowers, encouraging messages, encouraging messages with flowers in it, memes from the internet meme factory, or whatever other stuff you can come up with through messenger. Why do you do that? I don’t know who started it, but please end it.
4. Send a Facebook messenger message that involves 25 people. (see #3)  I want Facebook to have a button that says: Roger left your friendship.  This is like a group text, only worse, because you can see the face of the person who added you and that you are hating right about now. Ask!
5. Jesus is mad at you for reducing his life transforming work to likes on Facebook. Pressure is never good. Spiritual pressure is a non-starter.
There are others, but I’ll stop here today. What annoys you? Click and share or the boogie man will get you.


The Haystack is awesome. Nuff said.

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