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Have you created a video for your church or just for fun? Have you found a video made by an Adventist or staring an Adventist that you would love to share with us, then we would love to hear from you!  It is as easy as uploading your video on YouTube or Vimeo, and Submitting the link here to us.  Whether it is a humorous video, an inspirational story, or a music video, there is a place for it here at the Haystack.  Let us know what channel you would like the video to be added to, and who knows, your video may be featured in our weekly spotlight section on our homepage.

We would also love to hear your suggestions.  Are there more features that you would like to see?  Are there more channels that you would like to suggest?  Also as the creators of this site continue to create original content, we would love to hear what topics you would like for us to cover.  Being an Adventist site, by Adventist, for Adventists, we would love to listen to all of our community and discover how we can make this Haystack a more Epic Haystack.

Thank you so much for your contribution to our site, and keep those Haystacks coming!

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