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The Cross, Babylon, And Me

The Cross, Babylon, and Me

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Hello everyone!

My name is Marcos Torres and I will be the main contributor on blogs relating to the gospel. While I have been a Seventh-day Adventist all my life I never fully understood the gospel until about 3 years ago. All along I have run into Adventist after Adventist that don’t get it either. Just a few years ago, while studying at Southern Adventist University, I ran into two students. One had been to SDA schools all of his life, was raised in an SDA home, and currently attended an SDA university. When I asked him how a person got to heaven he replied, “You do the best you can and then hope for the best.” The other had been raised in an SDA home and now currently attended an SDA university. When I asked him the same question he said, “If you don’t do everything perfectly you are out.” It came as no surprise to me when, later in the day he confided with me saying, “You have no idea how hard it is always thinking your never going to make it or that you’ll never be good enough. Sometimes I just feel like quitting.”

I couldn’t fully relate to him. I had been privileged to learn the gospel from Felipe Andino, a powerful preacher in the Hispanic world. I had also spent some time with pastor John Clark in Hawaii – a man passionate about the grace of God. And I have been heavily influenced by Alejandro Bullon, a champion of the gospel and the greatest evangelist Adventism has ever seen. But I had also been exposed to other theologies that left me a bit confused. In my mind I thought, to a certain extent, that everyone was preaching the same gospel. Consequently, I made few distinctions in what I was hearing. As a result, not only was I influenced by Andino, Clark, and Bullon, but by many others preaching perfectionism, works-righteousness, and rigid lifestyle Christianity. This led to an incredible journey of faith that would demand answers in the years to come (more on this later). So while I couldn’t fully relate to my friend, I did resonate about 90% with him.

In this blog I am going to share my story. It is not my intention to simply write theologically. I want to also write experientially. I want to share my faith-journey. I want to tell the story of how the cross has led me out of Babylon (yes I was in Babylon even though I was Adventist) to the remnant. From confusion to truth. The journey is not over. There are many miles left. But I would like to tell each of you what I have seen and heard so far with the hopes that it can revolutionize your faith.



Hello. My name is Kermit. I don't actually write for the Haystack. In fact, I have never eaten a haystack. I eat flies. I think those are unclean. And I date a pig too. Miss Piggy. She's nice.

On any note, just remember that this is a guest account and that all the views expressed within are those of the guest authors and do not necessarily represent Bye-bye!

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  1. I was raised Adventist and went to church school, academy, and Adventist University. I totally understand what your friend was saying. I even left the church for a while and because no other denomination was preaching truth, and because l was mad at God for some serious trauma l and my children had gone through, l became a witch. Of course l didn’t find what l was looking for there either. But God never stopped pursuing me. He romanced me back into His arms. I had been out in the world 10 years and I went along another 10 years before l came to see the truth of Christ’s Righteousness. Now I have a joy that I cannot even describe. I am looking forward to hearing the rest of your testimony!

      1. I would be happy to share. It is rather long though. If you want, I can send it to you privately. If it seems that my story, my life, my testimony, might be of some use to you in reaching others for Christ, it would be my pleasure for you to use it here, or wherever you see fit. 🙂

        1. That would be wonderful Kimberly! If you dont mind, I would love to share your faith journey as a featured article on my website. I can already tell it will be an amazing stroy of God’s grace. To send it to me privately simply go to the contact page on my website:

          I would send you my personal email, but this is a public conversation so I’d rather not, lol.

          Looking forward to hearing from you!

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