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Three Leadership Hacks (you Can Use Today)

Three leadership hacks (you can use today)

Three leadership hacks.
Jesus was the perfect leader. Still criticized. Still minimized. Still betrayed. Sometimes being a better leader does not eliminate drama. But are there some leadership hacks that can help? Absolutely.
I took many classes in the seminary. My favorite classes were biblical languages. (by favorite I mean the opposite of favorite. Like the Red Sox.)  I took Greek. Hebrew. You know, stuff you use every day. After 25 years in ministry, no one ever has called me at 3am for help with verb parsing. Most of the problems I have encountered are people problems.
I am not discounting deep theological study. It grounds you. It is helpful. What I am suggesting is that in most any job, leadership development is necessary–yet often ignored. I took ONE class in leadership. Yet most of my failures as a pastor had to do with a lack of leadership knowledge. So, I pledged to become a better leader. I read. I went to John Maxwell conferences. I spoke to leaders I respected and listened to recordings of presentations.
If you want to grow as a leader, here are three ways you can start growing today.
1. Relentless responsiveness.
A recent study found out that companies that responded to customers (or potential customers) inquiries in 60 seconds had over a 90% success rate in connecting with them. Wait 5 minutes and it drops to 60%. The average company responds to customers in 40 hours. People who get back to other people—may it be through text, social media, call or email—have greater opportunities for connection going forward. Do you get back to people?
2. Read.
You may have heard that leaders are readers. I have never met a successful, transcendent leader who does not read. If you read, you will probably be ahead of the game. Reading destroys calcification of ideas.  Even if you start with a chapter a day it makes a difference. There is no valid excuse not to read with all the different ways you can get book content into your gray matter. How much do you read? If you need some suggestions, email me. I will respond.
3. Practice you no’s.
Let’s try this together. Repeat after me. All together now: NOPE. No. Negative. Jamas (that’s Spanish for never). Not today. Never.  I often hear leaders telling me “I don’t know how to say no.”  Yes you do, because with every yes, you automatically say no to something else. You are well versed in saying no. Unless it’s an invitation to a romantic date with your significant other, you should only be saying yes to 10% of invitations that come your way—especially if you are the SENIOR leader. Most people that demand an answer NOW are not really after your best interests. They are most likely mostly interested in what you can provide, not you. How hard is it to say no?
Let me know your thoughts. Share any leadership hacks you may have in comment section.
BONUS:  10 minutes planning your day the night before saves around 1 hour the next day.

Roger Hernandez

Roger Hernandez accepted the call to serve as the Southern Union Conference's Ministerial and Evangelism Director. His wife, Kathy, works along side Roger as the Ministerial and Evangelism Coordinator. They came to the Southern Union Conference from the Oregon Conference where they served as Associate Ministerial director for Hispanic Ministries. They have been part of the Southern Union since summer 2012.

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